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Work & Life Place

Brain Embassy allows you to work in just the right way: choose the space that best suits your needs and switch spaces at any given moment. Enjoy a dynamic work environment, an active, cohesive community that supports your business channels, and an urban view of Tel Aviv’s new SoHo.

The work environment at Brain Embassy was designed with the view that your surroundings influence the way you work – the extent of your creativity and productivity. Our space allows you to enjoy a personalized, flexible work experience that advances your well-being. It offers a variety of work spaces and inspiration areas, as well as the world’s most advanced ergonomic furniture, optimized to support the body in different work modes, and tailored to individual needs, moods, and physical abilities.

The 3 Dimensions of Co-Creating

The idea of co-creating is based on a simple notion that together we can be smarter, do more good – to put it simply, do things better. We have therefore created a happy, healthy, energized, agile and efficient work environment. These features are manifested in the 3 dimensions of our co-creating concept:


We believe our surroundings impact the quality of the work we do, its productivity and creativity. Our spaces therefore emphasize quality, ergonomics and functionality. Activity Based Working allows you to undertake different work activities in different places. You can choose and change your space freely during the day, to maximize your focus, energies, creativities, brainstorming, or simply make a phone call.

“BE Smarter
Together” Program

Within the Brain Embassy membership, we develop the competencies of the future: creativity, innovation, co-creating, mindful leadership, self-awareness and creative problem-solving. Each day we initiate actions that enable us to fulfill the principles of co-creating: from collective breakfasts, unique networking and ‘Points of You’ coaching sessions, to skill-sharing sessions conducted by community members, ‘Design Thinking’ sessions and morning yoga.


We are building a community where sharing knowledge, competencies, ideas, concepts and a willingness to be together comes second nature.

Which BE Are You?

We offer three types of co-working spaces based on needs and scope of activities:

Be Together

Open Space

A working area that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the Brain Embassy: tailored ergonomic space, active business community, diverse events, and professional consulting.

Be Involved

Private Offices

A clearly-outlined group working area, offering both privacy and a connection to the community. Our services are at your disposal, and you decide when to engage or disengage.

Be Yourself

Business Units for Companies

Brain Embassy is changing the rules of the game, offering your company a private suite with all the amenities you need.
Just walk in and get to work.

What is Unique About BE?

To cultivate your development, we’ve built a space and community that encourage creativity, learning, and cooperation, and allow you to enjoy every moment:

Solutions for Ccompanies

Enjoy fully-furnished independent offices in the heart of Tel Aviv’s new SoHo.


A variety of workspaces designed to address every stage of the development process of your business.

Maximum Flexibility

Free movement between spaces, at any time, with no leasing commitments.


High-quality, ergonomic, functional furniture that allows you to discover how you like to work.

Active Community/Diverse Program

Professional and social events, learning opportunities and networking activities take place in the space, year-round.

Window for Every Member

All workstations in Brain Embassy are located next to a window, providing you with a beautiful view of the urban Tel Aviv landscape.

Activity-Based Working

Different spaces for all kinds of work activities: inspiration zones, brainstorming, focused work zones, informal meeting rooms, conference areas, and even a standing work zone.

Wellness and Fitness

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, a variety of fitness activities take place in Brain Embassy to boost our members’ wellbeing – from yoga to fitness training sessions.